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Saturday, April 13, 2013


So I'm curious if this technology will ever become mainstream. While I understand and actually like the premiss behind such technology...I can't help but wonder how effective and useful it would actually be. These watches tend to be on the bulky side, and they have very limited capabilities. To put it simply...these "SmartWatches" become "DumbWatches" if they aren't connected to a SmartPhone. A SmartPhone is where the additional features really come into play. These watches only offer some minor extensions in a wearable form factor. I think the idea is notable one, but until these watches can function on their own without needed a connection to a SmartPhone....I don't know how effective they will be at catching consumers in the market.

What do you think?

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Google Death

So...as is the nature of Google, they have created another service for the people. However this service lends a little to the morbid side of things. I nick-named it Google Death. In reality it's called "Google Inactive Account Manager". It's a service that links all Google services through an activity monitor, and activates itself when a specified inactivity threshold that you set, is reached. Once "Google Death" has detected that you are within 30 days of reaching the inactivity limit, it will attempt to contact you to warn you that you are coming close to reaching the threshold. If you do not answer, or otherwise become active again on any of your Google linked accounts...then Google Death takes over and performs the action you specified. It can either delete all your Google related accounts along with all the linked data held there-in, or it can notify up to ten individuals you specified and give them access to your Google Account and related services so that they can perform whatever cleanup is needed after your...passing from this digital realm.

Leave it to Google to come up with service to manager your digital afterlife.

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