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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Giving Programmers a Bad Rap...

I hate it when so-called technical individuals claim certain ideals or opinions that make no sense, and end up making others in the same field look unprofessional or otherwise incompetent.

This article is about a Harvard Computer Science Instructor, who is apparently blaming programmers for features that a monkey could understand. His analogies are completely off the wall ridiculous, having nothing to do with the statements he is trying to explain. I have a hard time believing that this person is actually a Computer Science Instructor, especially at an Ivy League school.

In my opinion, regarding these "features" he complains about, if the end user can't understand the simple english terms displayed, then either they have no business working on a computer, or they need to get training on using computers. It should not be the programmers responsibility to completely dumb down an application to ridiculously childish levels because of the few computer illiterate people that still exist in the world. They either need to get with the times, or go away.

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E-Mail Etiquette

I found an article on E-Mail Etiquette, and I have to say I agree with every single item on the list. Although I have to add one additional...

10. Don't write your E-Mail message in your subject line and leave the body of the E-Mail blank.

Although, I have to admit I am guilty of number 9 myself...apparently I am not a very trusting person.

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