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Thursday, April 20, 2006

VB.Net 2003 Bug?

In my dealing with VB.Net 2003, I came across an insteresting problem, and I am thinking that it's a bug. I placed a ListBox on a form, and initialized it via the properties page to have SelectionMode = None. Now, I had some previous code for this ListBox already written before I made this change. One of the lines of code I had was Listbox.SelectedItem = -1, I did this in order to insure that no items were selected. What I didn't realize is that by doing this with the previous setting, that VB.Net would literally hang (freeze). No error to trap, nothing, just hangs. Wonder if I found a bug...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Rich Textboxes

This entry should be short and sweet. I started working with RichTextboxes a few days ago. I never had a need for them before, but I thought it could add a little professional flair to part of my application. Boy I had no idea the work behind getting the editing portion of a RichTextbox working. You have to manually code all of the text styling options yourself. First I have to create all the icons for my Toolbar, then I have to manually append the proper objects to the Toolbar object at run-time. Which then of course means that I had to create AddHandler's for each of the object I added. Then I had to develop the logic to be able to toggle certain "style" features of a selected text area, like Bold, Italic and Underline. What I though was going to be a simple quick glamour addon turned into an irritating and long mini-project. Thankfully, I am almost done.

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